2012 Programme

  • Perspectives du secteur audiovisuel - S. Matter/CITIA

    Perspectives of the audiovisual sector

    Recent technical developments are changing the way spectators view available content. Connected TV, for example, offers an active viewer multiple choices in terms of location, time, interactivity, simultaneity or billing. How then...

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    The Future of TV/Connected TV

    Connected TV – TV via internet – is considerably changing the face of audiovisual industries. How will this affect the economy of broadcasting and the identity of its operators? What are the new models for production funding...

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  • Quelle(s) stratégie(s) pour les diffuseurs historiques ? - S. Matter/CITIA

    The Changing Strategies of Established Broadcasters

    How are broadcasters treating cross/transmedia from the development, funding and broadcasting levels? Is there a hierarchy of different screens? What value does cross-media bring? Can the TV "editorial" model be maintained when...

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  • 3 politiques publiques de soutien : Belgique, Canada, France -

    3 Public Support Policies: Belgium, Canada, France

    What is the economic model for cross-media production? How can you create added value with cross-media? Although these issues are a continuing work in progress, it is nonetheless essential to carve  out a place in this emerging...

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  • Questions juridiques comparées -

    Legal questions compared

    What is the best way to treat international cross-media co-production legal issues in Europe or Canada? How can you resolve situations concerning intellectual property and sharing receipts when creative platforms and broadcasting...

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  • Un exemple d'écriture transmédia -

    An example of transmedia writing

    Video game production reached its peak in 20 years and is competing with TV and the movies. What role do game scripters play and what’s their positioning? What’s special about interactive writing? Where do players fit into the...

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  • Étude de cas : Bla Bla -

    Case study: "Bla Bla"

    What sort of new language should be used in a non linea narration where the viewer is an actor? This is the ambition of Bla Bla, created by Vincent Morisset. In this project, he is exploring the basics of human communication.

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  • Prospective technologique -

    Technical Prospective

    Consumer trends, professional practices and the economic models of audiovisual industries are being disrupted by ongoing technical developments. New and constantly changing territories are opening up and making it difficult to...

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  • Présentation Kawi Park - Forum Blanc 2012 - S. Matter/CITIA

    Case study: "Kawi Park"

    Kawi Park is an online game that develops web features for tablets. It is a casual MMO and an animation series created in partnership with the France Télévisions group.

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  • Étude de cas : Angelo la débrouille -

    Case study: "Angelo la Débrouille"

    Discover the series Angelo la Débrouille adapted from an interactive world!

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  • Étude de cas : Bamba -

    Case study: "Bamba"

    Discover Bamba, a pre-school TV series that uses online and digital content as well as augmented reality elements to help children and their parents learn and play together.

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  • Image par default -


    Job evolutions and emerging jobs. Thoughts and responses concerning training Transmedia projects require people from video games, audiovisual and multimedia and other professions to work together. This gives rise to a number of...

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  • Étude de cas : L'Herbier des fées -

    Case study: "The Fairy Herbarium"

    Adeptly mixing tradition and innovation, e-books offer a wealth of possibilities to explore. Find out more about the marvellous world taken from a diary of a Russian botanist, The Fairy Herbarium, an e-book available on iPhone,...

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  • Étude de cas : Cendrillon -

    Case study: "Cinderella"

    Rediscover the tale of Cinderella through a book application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Gallimard Jeunesse is setting its sights to become one of the leaders in digital publishing with e-books of fairy tales and...

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  • Étude de cas : Hezi.com -

    Case study: Hezi

    The Hezi.com platform, developed by the Chinese company Versatile Media, provides kids with entertainment and educational content. Its aim is to establish a children’s brand that combines technological sophistication and...

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  • Étude de cas : Walibi -

    Case study: "Walibi"

    Find out more about the 2D/3D cross-media adventure of the new mascot for Walibi. The ambition of Cube Creative Computer Company is to position Walibi as one of the main entertainment brands in Europe.

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  • Étude de cas : Habbo Hotel -

    Case study: "Habbo Hotel"

    Discover the potential of Habbo Hotel wherein users create their own activities.

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  • Étude de cas : Premiers combats - S. Matter/CITIA

    Case study: "Premiers combats"

    Premiers combats is a serious game giving young players an insight into the problems caused by drugs and alcohol addiction. Check out the trailer

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  • Étude de cas : Collapsus - S. Matter/CITIA

    Case study: "Collapsus"

    Collapsus offers a new cross-media experience via a quest on energy production, combining interactivity, narration, animation, fiction and documentary devices.

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