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On this page, you will find articles and interviews by our partner "The Rabbit Hole" that take a look back at the latest Forum Blanc. Other reports covering the event can also be found.

The Rabbit Hole Interviews

During the Forum Blanc, transmedia news specialist The Rabbit Hole interviewed some of this year's speakers to ask them questions about transmedia or their respective fields.

Check out The Rabbit Hole's report on the keynote speech given by Éric Scherer on "The TV of Tomorrow: Transformation Challenges", as well as his interview recorded just after.

Read the report

The Rabbit Hole then tells you about the "Editorial Strategies – New Writing: France Télévisions" presentations by Voyelle Acker with an on-camera interview as well.

Check out the presentation

Continuing with the theme of editorial strategies, check out the report from the "RTBF Webcreation Workshop" session with an interview with Sophie Berque.

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Samy Aboudrar from GoPro was interviewed to give us a few key pointers on making a virtual reality film.

Check out the interview

The interview with Claire Leproust from FablabChannel was an opportunity to take a look at the issue of distributing new forms of writing.

Check out the interview

To wrap things up, hear what some of the speakers had to say about these two and a half days of transmedia immersion.

Bonus video: The Forum Blanc is also about the mountains, snow activities and of course, snowball fights!

Other reports

Check out the second Transmedia Observatory letter from Eurotransmedia that retraces key moments from the 2016 Forum Blanc.

Download the letter