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 Programme 2016

  • 'El Ministerio del Tiempo' - The Creation of a Transmedia Universe in Television

    Pablo LARA TOLEDO (Onza Partners)

    Synopsis – El Ministerio del Tiempo is a department which was founded over 500 years ago that only kings, presidents and an exclusive group of people know about. Its aim is to preserve the history of Spain. Now this aim is for all the fans, who call themselves "ministéricos".

    Wednesday 13 January → Thursday 18 July, 18:15 → 19:00 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • 'Elemented'

    Emily PAIGE (e.d.Films)

    Presentation – Find yourself immersed in a world of science and intrigue on a curious, beautiful planet where 12-year-old Wren, with her friends Ash and Memoir, investigate the mysterious big and small happenings around them and learn along the way in this sci-non-fi adventure!

    Thursday 14 January → Thursday 18 July, 15:15 → 16:00 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • 'I, Philip'

    Marianne LEVY-LEBLOND (Arte), Pierre ZANDROWICZ (Okio Studio)

    Presentation – "I, Philip" is the story of a robot who has been given the memory of American science fiction writer Philip K. Dick: his own story, through the memories of what could be his last great love. But are these memories real or rather the product of the imagination of a humanised android?

    Thursday 14 January → Thursday 18 July, 11:30 → 12:30 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • 'Les Saisons : Morphosis'

    Pierre CATTAN (Small Bang)

    Presentation – "Les Saisons : Morphosis" is a story-based and recreational app that outlines major phases in the changing landscapes of Europe over the past 20,000 years. Adapted from Jacques Perrin's feature "Seasons", produced by Galatée Films, the app is free and available from stores.

    Thursday 14 January → Thursday 18 July, 16:30 → 17:15 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • 'Pigeons & Dragons'

    Christophe ABRIC (La Blogothèque), Matthieu BUCHSENSCHUTZ (La Blogothèque)

    Synopsis – In a medieval lawless world, three totally stupid knights are looking for glory... Their aim? To become legends by creating a buzz on the social network of the time: pigeons. Along their way, they will be confronted with some of the most terrible opponents imaginable: those created by internet users!

    Friday 15 January → Thursday 18 July, 11:00 → 11:45 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • 'The Enemy'

    Chloé JARRY (Camera Lucida)

    Synopsis – What use are pictures of war if they don't create peace? With "The Enemy", the war photographer Karim Ben Khelifa has created a confrontation between two combatants. By giving voice to those who bear the violence, the project compares the points of view of the enemies and humanises them.

    Thursday 14 January → Thursday 18 July, 14:30 → 15:15 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • 'Urbance'

    Laurent GRUMIAUX (Fishing Cactus)

    Synopsis – In the crumbling inner city, sex kills. The urban landscape is split in two – men on one side, women on the other – opposing each other. A government medical treatment developed a cure that failed. Kenzell and Lesya live each day as their last, defying anyone who stands in the way of their union.

    Friday 15 January → Thursday 18 July, 11:45 → 12:30 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • 'WEI OR DIE'

    Simon BOUISSON, Sara BRÜCKER (Résistance Films)

    Synopsis – During an integration weekend in a French Business school, the drowned body of a young man is found by the edge of a pond. The police are called in to question the participants and decide to confiscate all the footage filmed by the students to shed light on the affair.

    Friday 15 January → Thursday 18 July, 14:15 → 15:00 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • Arte

    Right from the outset, Arte has been committed to producing and showing programmes that reflect European creativity and diversity.

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  • CNC

    Since 2007 the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC) has been providing support to audiovisual works (fiction, animation or documentary) with a digital dimension in the way they have been created and are released, through selective and automatic funding mechanisms.

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  • International Co-productions

    Nicolas BLIES (a_BAHN), Stéphane HUEBER-BLIES (a_BAHN)

    a_BAHN will present the audience results of the SOUNDHUNTERS project and the "international production design" being used for current projects like TOURIST, FAN CLUB and AFTERGLOW.

    Friday 15 January → Thursday 18 July, 15:00 → 15:45 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • Challenges and Difficulties of Digital Distribution

    Romain BECKER (Believe Digital Studios), Sophie BERQUE (RTBF Interactive), Claire LEPROUST (Association des producteurs d’expériences numériques / FablabChannel), Marianne LEVY-LEBLOND (Arte), Mathieu LUQUET (Rightster)

    How can you have access to transmedia works and products? Very easily with computers, tablets, smartphones, consoles etc. Can works and products that are not supported by international brands or internet monopolies ever find visibility within the incessant flow and indefinitely growing offer that abounds?
    These and other questions illustrate the many difficulties of digital distribution.

    Wednesday 13 January 16:45 → 17:30 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • FMC

    The Canada Media Fund has an array of international incentive programs that provide funding contributions for co-development and co-production of television and digital media content with select foreign partner funding organisations.

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  • Question Forum

    The Question Forum is a great opportunity to go back over the presentations of the day, give them further thought and air your own own views or interpretations.

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  • The TV of Tomorrow: Transformation Challenges

    Eric SCHERER (France Télévisions)

    Television is at a turning point in its history. The disruptive web barbarians have put the viewing public right in the middle of the digital revolution allowing them to take control of the way they are entertained and cultivate their knowledge. And above all, the young generation, hungry for new screens and web platforms, are deserting traditional media. Here is a detailed review of the key issues for survival for the media king of the... 20th century!

    Wednesday 13 January 14:30 → 15:15 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • Welcome Speech

    Patrick EVENO (CITIA), Franck TARPIN-BERNARD (Imaginove)

    Patrick Eveno, CEO of CITIA, the structure organising the event, will launch the 7th Forum at 2:00 pm with a welcome speech and fill you in with details of the programme for the two and a half days ahead.

    By his side, Franck Tarpin-Bernard, President of Imaginove, will present the actions carried out by this competitive cluster in the field of digital content industry in the Rhône-Alpes region.

    Wednesday 13 January 14:00 → 14:20 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • Pictanovo

    Pictanovo brings together a community, a dynamic ecosystem and three flagship sites and also co-produces around a hundred projects through three funds: Cinéma et Télévision, Expériences Interactives et Création Associative.

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  • Presentation of PXN, association des producteurs d’expériences numériques

    Pierre CATTAN (Small Bang), Chloé JARRY (Camera Lucida), Claire LEPROUST (FablabChannel), Marc LUSTIGMAN (Darjeeling)

    It is essential to allow our culture to adapt itself to the times by rethinking its forms of expression and means of dissemination.
    Over 40 digital producers have created this PXN association to work towards the digital transformation of French cultural and creative industries.
    The public will have the chance to debate with some of the association's representatives on important questions such as: Who is the real distributor of a new media production? International co-production vs national regulations? Why should there be a digital public service? …

    Thursday 14 January → Thursday 18 July, 17:15 → 18:00 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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    Situated in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, PRIMI is a cluster for companies working in creative industries and digital creation (audiovisual, cinema, animation, digital communication, video games).

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  • R/O l’institut, Emulator of Heroes and Transmedia Projects

    Marie-France ZUMOFEN (GOBELINS, l’école de l’image)

    There is great economic potential in comic book authors teaming up with digital technologies and economy. Initiated by the Média-Participations group, R/O L’Institut is an emulator of multimedia and multiplatform projects that will give rise to the heroes and licences of tomorrow.
    R/O L’Institut is set to take in a diverse group of fifteen creatives working in various fields of the industry and new technologies.

    Friday 15 January → Thursday 18 July, 09:45 → 10:30 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • Virtual Reality: State of the Technical Art

    Samy ABOUDRAR (Go Pro), Lidwine HÔ (France Télévisions), Jérôme LORIDO

    Stories, technologies and distribution are all related to virtual reality. Strangely enough, the technical state of the art (filming conditions, helmet performance, reactions to their use) still governs creative possibilities that writers, filmmakers and producers must take into account.

    Binaural Sound
    With Lidwine Hô

    Filming Constraints
    With Samy Aboudrar

    Are virtual reality helmets ready?
    With Jérôme Lorido

    Wednesday 13 January → Thursday 18 July, 17:30 → 18:15 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

    The fund created by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, active and clearly identified in the field of cinema and television, is also open to the development and production of creative works for cinema, television and new media (multiplatform projects or created for the web).

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  • Making Transmedia Profitable: What Economic Models?

    Romain GANDIA (INSEEC Business School), Bernard LECA (ESSEC Business School), Charles-Clemens RÜLING (Grenoble École de Management)

    Can transmedia be made profitable and go beyond its exploratory status to become a dynamic force of economic exploitation? These are legitimate questions for all those involved in the development and structuring of the sector. Using an academic research programme dealing with business models in entertainment, this plenary session offers a few avenues for reflection to imagine the strategic growth using economic models adapted to transmedia.

    Wednesday 13 January 15:15 → 16:15 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • Editorial Strategies – RTBF Webcreation Workshop

    Sophie BERQUE (RTBF Interactive)

    Over the past few years, since the development of web specific storytelling, the public has become more and more active and online. The RTBF has responded to these uses by producing and running creations conceived with users of the web, social networks and multi-platforms in mind. The channel is not only targeting its public, but wants to attract new communities by offering them interactive and immersive experiences.

    Take a look at the content produced and broadcast by the Webcreation and Transmedia unit of RTBF Interactive, as well as its editorial strategy for webseries, webdocs and transmedia.

    Thursday 14 January → Thursday 18 July, 09:45 → 10:30 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • Editorial Strategies – New Writing: France Télévisions

    Voyelle ACKER (France Télévisions)

    The 21st century audience is a wild animal: demanding and active, who avoids advertising and its constraints, juggles with content and even makes its own.

    Thursday 14 January → Thursday 18 July, 10:30 → 11:15 - Espace Grand-Bo Farto

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  • Wallimage

    Wallimage was created by the Walloon Region and is a purely economical fund which supports audiovisual productions and companies.

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